Interior & Exterior Hardwood Doors

All wood used in manufacturing is FASIF, and is kiln dried down to 6% to 8%.

All stile material is hand selected for straightness and stability. No glue joints are used to obtain these desired widths, except in situations when required widths are not available.

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  • Building of A Door Step-By-Step

All panel material is selected for width so as not to have glue in order to obtain the desired width. All panels are 1 3/8” thick unless specified by the customer. By using 1 3/8” material instead of ¾” or 1” thick material a more decorative design can be obtained. Also by not having to glue up boards to get the desired widths there are no glue lines to separate or no color variations.

Doors are pre-hung using wood screws to secure jam legs to the jam headers. When casing is applied to the door jams the miter joints will be less likely to pull apart as the jams leg will not separate from the jams header when the door swings. 1” carpet clearance is allowed on all doors unless specified otherwise. Doors are standard bore unless specified otherwise.

Handling, Site Finishing and Installation Instructions

  1. Unsealed doors must not be subject to abnormal heat, dryness or humidity, or sudden atmospheric changes.  Deliver to building site after plaster and cement are dry.  If doors are stored at job site for more than one week, the entire door including all edges and cutouts for hinges or hardware must be sealed.  Usually wood stains are applied before sealer to ensure proper penetration of stain.  Most solvent based stains have some sealing qualities, however, this type of stain should not be relied upon for achieving adequate sealing.
  2. Handle with clean gloves taking care not to drag across other surfaces.
  3. Store flat on a level surface in a dry, well ventilated building.  Cover to keep clean, but allow air circulation.
  4. The structural integrity of the door must not be impaired when fitting the door.  There must be no alteration for lights, louvers, panels or any other specific details.  Care must be taken in the application of the hardware.
  5. Before finishing, door must be clean.  Remove handling marks, loose wood fibers and raised grain by sanding lightly with fine sandpaper.
  6. Finishing must be done immediately after cutting for weather strip and hardware.  Most stains are wiped after application.  The length of time the stain is allowed to penetrate before wiping and the amount of rubbing with wiping cloth will determine the depth of color.  Most stains lighten in color before drying.  Some will darken slightly upon application of clear sealer and varnish.  Before hanging any door, the entire door including all cutouts for hardware must be thoroughly  sealed with two coats of good quality sealer.  Lightly steel wool or sand after each coat.  Next, apply at lest two coats of high quality polyurethane or lacquer.  Again sand lightly between coats and apply finish to all surfaces, edges, and cutouts for hardware.  For prehung doors you must remove hinges so that sealer and finish can be applied under hinges.  If doors have been sealed and refinished prior to job site fitting, any new cut edges must be sealed and refinished.
  7. For painted doors, sand lightly with fine sandpaper to remove any small fiber etc, then prime the entire door including cutouts for hardware with high quality primer followed by at least two coats of a high quality grade paint being sure to apply to all edges and cutouts for hardware.  For prehung doors, you must remove hinges so that primer and paint can be applied under hinges.  If doors have been primed and painted prior to job site fitting, any new cut edges must be primed and repainted.

Door Price List


Width Interior Slab Interior Pre-hung
36″ $280.00 $320.00
32″ $270.00 $310.00
30″ $265.00 $305.00
28″ $260.00 $300.00
24″ $250.00 $290.00

Red Oak

Width Interior Slab Interior Pre-hung
36″ $300.00 $345.00
32″ $290.00 $335.00
30″ $285.00 $330.00
28″ $280.00 $325.00
24″ $270.00 $315.00


Width Interior Slab Interior Pre-hung
36″ $240.00 $265.00
32″ $230.00 $255.00
30″ $225.00 $250.00
28″ $220.00 $245.00
24″ $210.00 $235.00


All doors 1-3/8″ with raised panels, hung with 3-1/2″x3-1/2″ hinges. Jambs and stops are made from same material as door material.